Our Mission

We are advocates for the membership and church.  The committee communicates and cooperates with the leader to facilitate a close working relationship between the membership and the ministry of the church in an effort to improve the saints’ commitment and spiritual uplifting as a body.

Contact Us

We welcome your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and concerns.  We ask that you also prayerfully consider a solution or means of addressing those issues.  Call us at 202-838-6409 or use the form below to send an email to the VOP Committee.

Ministry Team

  • St. Juliet Francis, Chair

  • St. Tiffany Henson, Co-Chair

  • Evangelist Juanita Hayes

  • St. Akea Daley

  • St. Jennifer Grice

  • St. Dawn Grice

  • St. Audra DeVaughn

  • St. Jude Marshall