The Church of God and Saints of Christ includes a vibrant community of older adults who are active participants in all aspects of the church. The mission of the Just Older Youth (JOY) Ministry is to honor and support our JOY Saints in their faith journey with educational and fellowship opportunities of special interest to older adults, links to important resources, and programs that help to integrate all generations spiritually.


  • Local & national Resources
  • Health Information
  • Birthday Cards
  • Get Well Cards
  • Prayer Calls
  • Staying Informed
  • Social Gatherings
  • Advisory Board
  • Support for Caregivers
  • Love and Acknowledgement

All hail,

Greetings in the spirit of prophecy.  I pray that this communication finds you well and in good spirits.

As we enter this spiritual New Year and Passover season, I wanted to reach out to you to let you know just how valuable you are to our congregation.  It has been said that with age comes wisdom.  Oftentimes, our seasoned saints are not recognized for the knowledge, wisdom, experience and faith that they possess.  As an organization we find value in your life’s experiences.  The Bible states, “With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding.” Job 12:12 KJV

I decided to establish the JOY (Just Older Youth) Ministry within our church to make sure that the needs of our “older youth” are always a priority.  As you may know, I have appointed St. Akea Daley as the Chair of the JOY Ministry.  I am confident that our visions are in sync, and that she has your best interest at heart.  St. Akea and her committee have been tasked with making sure that you are well looked after, and that all your needs and concerns are met.  Always remember, You are never too young to set a new goal or dream a new dream ~C.S. Lewis.  The Joy Ministry is at your service.

Keeping you in my prayers,

Bishop C. L. Hendricks, Senior Bishop

Committee Members

  • St. Akea Daley – Chair
  • Sister Elder Gloria Stewart – Co-chair
  • Elder Melvin Williams
  • St. Brigitte Horton
  • St. Delilah Marshall
  • St. Pamela Johnson

Advisory Board Members

  • Elder Robert Brown
  • St. Sherri Hunt

Contact Us…

Phone: 240-630-0287  Email: