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Welcome to the Selah Cafe, Here is the Place to Start…

Take a moment and just imagine…you’ve been going strong, full speed all day, and you are finally home. The house is quiet and you head towards your most comfy chair…you kick off your shoes, sit back and take a deep breath, and Ahhhhhhhhh…a time to pause, if only for a few minutes, a time to relax and refresh. If you can picture that, just imagine how comfortable and relaxed you would be at that moment?

Are You Busy, Busy, Busy?

We live in a busy world and we have busy lives. Do you find yourself constantly in motion, taking care of your family, pursuing a professional life, or just trying to keep up with your community activities? Opportunities come our way and we all want to experience every good thing that life has to offer and so, we keep moving and maintaining momentum. We hardly ever pause long enough to really appreciate those special moments in life before we are back at it, picking up the pace again.

Reflect on Your Blessings

Think about all of the goodness that God has in store for us and think about the life He wants us to lead. Are we so busy that we don’t take time to enjoy all of the blessings and special moments that are out there for us to experience? This is where we can apply Selah to our lives. We can pause for a few moments, we can take time to reflect, and we can just appreciate all of the good things around us.

So What does Selah Really Mean?

To me, Selah is such a beautiful sounding word. I love reading the Psalms and it can be found there 71 times. It’s also found in Habakkuk 3 times. And, although it seems that the exact meaning has been debated, it’s generally believed to be a musical term, one that gives direction, and it’s suggested to mean “to pause, to reflect”. This is so fitting because it can easily be applied to our everyday lives if we do just that, take a little time to pause and reflect.

Check Back Here When You Take a Pause

So our goal here is to simply offer a place to help you pause, a place where you can find encouragement and a place to help you keep Christ at the center of everything. We are all on a journey as we strive to live a Christian lifestyle. Here in this space, we’ll try to touch on a variety of topics that hopefully you’ll find helpful in your life day to day life. As we strive to incorporate God in all areas of our lives, let’s take some time to pause, to reflect, and to be refreshed.fusion_builder_row]

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