Hey my Sisters,

Nobody likes a detour. On the road the other day, I ran into one and instantly had an attitude. See, our minds memorize the daily routes we take so that we can drive them almost without thought. I know I can drive the ten minute journey home from work on autopilot, often pulling up in front of my house without even noticing the passage of time.

So when there’s a detour—when the street’s blocked and I have to find a new path—it’s frustrating. Life’s detours are even more so.

But detours have a purpose…on the roads and in our lives. It’s on a detour that you see and experience places you never expected. It’s on a detour you discover new things you would never have noticed on your regular route.

The great composer and producer Quincy Jones started out as just another musician in love with the trumpet. Quincy developed a passion for playing that trumpet, practicing endlessly, sending his soaring notes through jazz and R&B songs accompanied by big bands and vocalists, like his childhood friend, Ray Charles. He gained respect, fame and money as a musician. It would seem that playing the trumpet was his path…his “meant to be”.

Until 1974 when he suffered two brain aneurysms. Neurologists told Quincy he could no longer play the trumpet…that playing the instrument he loved could actually kill him.

What do you do when the route you planned to take in life suddenly disintegrates? Let’s look at what Quincy did. It was only after he stopped playing trumpet that he produced Michael Jackson’s greatest hits, the albums Off the Wall and Thriller. It was only after he stopped playing the trumpet that Quincy became a driving force behind the film production, The Color Purple. And it was only after his detour that Quincy won some 27 Grammy awards for his own musical projects. For him, as a renowned stylist says, things got greater later.

So the career you planned for just isn’t for you? The man or woman you just knew you’d be with just isn’t for you? The goal that was within your grasp just shifted out of reach? Or worse—the perfect health you once enjoyed is destroyed by sickness.  I’m here to tell you detours will come…disappointments, loss, breakups, even sickness or death. Let God show you how to maneuver around that obstacle. Let God show you how to navigate that new and unfamiliar route. The best may be just ahead!