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Evangelist Jehu Wade


Evangelist Wade is the Pastor in New Haven, CT.  He is married to the Chairman of the General Trustees, St. Tanya Wade.  They have 3 children; St. Tanaya (Treasurer of the National Singers), St. Janelle (Grand Trustee), and Shepherd St. Jehu Wade, Jr.

Evangelist Wade is a graduate of Southern New England Bible Institute (through Manhattan Bible College.) and serves in the role of Chief Evangelist over the entire ministerial body of the church.

More About Me...

I was first inspired in the church by my former Pastor and uncle Elder George L. Wade.  This was where I got my foundation and where I began to study.  I was taught very well under his Pastoring.  As I grew older and moved to New Haven, CT, Bishop Robert Stallings became my pastor and quickly became my biggest inspiration.  I wanted to be in ministry to mimic him…His love for people, his care for their needs, and his way of presenting the Gospel.  He always challenged me to think beyond what I thought I already knew.  He always had time for all people and made everyone who came to him feel special.  Bishop Stallings was certainly a man of faith and patience.  He was a humble man of God who believed in what he said and said what he believed.

Chewing with your mouth open lol

Flying.  I hate flying.  I’d rather drive everywhere.

Comedy, wit, sarcasm and family….just being with family

Man on Fire – Denzel Washington
Love Jones – Nia Long & Larenz Tate

NBA – Boston Celtics
NCAA – UConn Huskies
NFL – New England Patriots

Like to read, play golf, bike riding, go out to eat, and hang out with my wife and children.

…For the pressures of yesterday took all of my strength away, but you renewed my strength, now I can journey on.

Holy Convocation.  Early morning prayer time with my family…a time where at least once out of the year we can come together for prayer and growth.

Denzel Washington & Kerry Washington

Joseph from his father’s house to Egypt

God, military intelligence, technology and antique cars

Martin Luther King, Jr.

King of Queens and Impractical Jokers


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