D Baskin

Elder Daniel Baskin

Chief Financial Officer

Elder Baskin is an Associate Minister in Newark, New Jersey.  He is married to St. Ebony Baskin and together they have two children, Morgan and Daniel.

More About Me...

Bishop Robert Stallings, Deacon Fred Jenkins, Evangelist Joseph Stieff, Malcom X, & Barack Obama.

People who overtalk a point in a meeting with no resolution.  Just say your point and move to a solution.

My son Daniel is not a junior.

My wife’s jokes.  Family Feud and Nephew Tommy pranks.

Passion of the Christ and The Equalizer.

Read, run/work out, and spend time with family.

Denzel Washington

The story of Joseph.

Seeing my wife’s business and my kids succeed in school.

None.  Don’t watch much TV.

Ice cream and carrot cake.


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