Senior Bishop
CL Hendricks

Bishop C. L. Hendricks

Chief Executive Officer, Senior Bishop

Bishop Hendricks is the pastor in Cleveland, OH.  He is married to St. Cheri Denise Hendricks and they have two wonderful, talented, intelligent, and beautiful daughters; Jordan and Maya Hendricks.

Bishop Hendricks is currently attending Franklin University with a focus on Information Security.

More About Me...

Motivated and spiritually balanced people.

Selfishness and heartlessness.

I subscribe to the holistic approach for healing my body in comparison to the medicinal approach.

Watch musicals, however, I have grown since being quarantined.  I watched Hamilton with my family and enjoyed it. 

Comedies as well as old videos of how we grew up in church and in life.  Seeing the difference in today’s world view of all of the aforementioned.

Man on Fire
The Color Purple

Los Angeles Lakers
Dallas Cowboys
Cleveland Browns
New York Yankees
Cincinnati Reds
Ohio State Buckeyes
Tennessee State University is my all time favorite

Travel, read, and spend time with family and friends.

Depends on the day…today it’s “Reconciled.”

God, COGASOC teachings, and love (for love is the fulfillment of all).

Denzel Washington
Viola Davis
Angela Bassett
Morgan Freeman

The story of Joseph.  Also, the story of Elijah.

Progress and intellectual dialog.

President Barack Obama and Minister Louis Farrakhan.

The Cosby Show, First 48, and any house flipping shows.


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Bishop C.L. Hendricks, Executive Officer

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