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The National Choir

I will sing of mercy and judgment: unto thee, O Lord, will I sing. Psalms 101:1

Ministry of Music

The choir plays a vital role in our worship service.  We committed to serving our church and using our God given talents to contribute to a complete and fulfilling worship experience.  One that creates an atmosphere of praise and worship.

Most of our musical offerings and congregational songs are composed by members of the church. We also include music selections that have been adapted to our a capella style of singing.

National Choir Officials

  • Chief Chorister, St. Lois Mitchell
  • Asst. Chief Chorister, St. Jane Ware
  • General Chorister, St. Ebony Baskin
  • Chief Shepherd, Bro. Brandon Baro
  • District Shepherd, Bro. Aaron Horton
  • Superintendent of Singers, St. Asia DeVaughn
  • General Secretary/Treasurer, St. Tanaya Wade

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