What comes to mind when you think of stewardship? For most it is associated with giving in church but it encompasses so much more. God is looking for faithfulness, not just giving money or being present week to week. He wants us to live a purposeful life; He has given us rule over many things and He has entrusted us to manage them well. Yes, we are managers, overseers, caretakers over all that we have and it’s important that we strive to be effective.

God expects us to be faithful in all that we are entrusted with. If an employer hires someone to do a job, he is not interested in someone that looks the part but brings no real substance or value to the table.  If we are that person that is hired, we want to be an asset. And if we are truly a value, we won’t have to say anything to promote ourselves, our work will speak for us.

When God blesses us, He is entrusting us with all that we have been given. God is looking for our faithfulness in all areas. We may be consistent in our financial stewardship but have we considered whether we are truly fulfilling God’s will in all other areas of our lives?

So we should consider, are we being faithful in our family by honoring and maintaining strong bonds; in our relationships by caring and being a true friend; in our time by using it wisely and appreciating each moment; in opportunities by recognizing amazing possibilities and being willing to work for them; in our employment by giving our best effort and doing our job well; in our gifts by appreciating and developing the skills we have been blessed with; and finally with our resources, by being willing to share what we have with others? These things cover all aspects of our lives and where we fall short; we can work to change for the better.

…you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.” Matthew 25:21

Let’s be faithful; let’s do our best job. Live with purpose, be trustworthy and manage well.