All Hail and Greetings to the Church of God and Saints of Christ:

As we begin these Holy Days, Tebeth 3-10, 2016(7), I pray that we may be filled with the Holy Spirit.  “Filled” with the Holy Spirit is how people described Jesus.  So, what does “filled” look like in our world today?  Filled is having God’s ways and works on the tip of your tongue.  Filled is delight in reading and hearing God’s word.  Filled is the feeling of gratitude for grace, truth and mercy of God’s love towards us.

James Baldwin wrote “The Fire Next Time,” a book based on a bible verse and a song.  God gave Noah the rainbow for a sign, “No more water, the fire next time.”  The book and the song imagine a cleansing fire that finally rights wrongs and refines us all.  As we begin these Holy Days, I believe that we need fire now!  Every time God does something new, there’s fire: remember Moses at the burning bush.  We need fire now, in this day and time.  The fire of clear purpose.  The fire to battle the discord and divisions that divide us.  The fire to reach back and recapture our young people who are attacked from every side by society today.

To all of our churches, here within the United States and Abroad, Happy Holy Days to one and all.

Bishop Robert H. Stallings, Sr.