7 Must-Have Apps to Inspire and Grow Your Faith

7 Must Have Apps to Inspire and Grow Your Faith

Tools to Strengthen Our Christian Faith

The one thing that is probably true about most people is that they never leave home without their phone.   My phone is the first thing I reach for in the morning…to turn my alarm off.  At night, it’s not the last thing I do, but I definitely make sure I put it on the charger to be ready for the next day.   

Some say that we are too attached to our phones and that they are literally changing us.  There is some truth to this because sometimes we are totally consumed with our electronic devices that our personal face-to-face interactions are lacking.

However, we have to look at the upside of the ever-changing technology today.  There are tools and resources available to us like never before; this helps strengthens our Christian faith and helps to develop our relationship with Christ.  Of course, as with any tool or resource you want to make sure it lines up with truth…and that’s where you use wisdom to make sure there are no contradictions with scripture.  Your ultimate resource is the word of God.

Here Are My Go-To Apps:

The Bible app is hugely popular and it is my favorite #1 app.  You can search out any chapter to read and you have the ability to choose from a large number of translations.  Compare translations while you are reading to help you gain a better understanding of the scripture. One of the great features of this app is the reading plans that are offered on so many different topics.  The reading plans help you stay connected daily to God’s word.  Generally the plans  range between 3 to 10 days.  They include daily scriptures and devotional reading based on your selected topic.  Another great feature is that it gives you a verse of the day and the app even allows you to easily add an image to the verse of the day and post it to your social media accounts to share your faith.

Bible.is makes it easy to study, read and listen to God’s word.  The app offers the word in different languages and states there are over 1800 languages available.  If you come across a verse that really stands out to you, you can highlight and share the verse on social media. The main feature of this app that there is an audio bible, this is my favorite part.   You can choose to listen to the dramatized version of the scripture which helps you hear and feel the emotion of the verses. 

I have chosen to use this app in my cover to cover bible reading challenge.  It really helps make my reading easier when I read along with the audio.  If you havent read my post, Cover to Corer – REading the complete Bible in one year….check it out here.

If you have questions about the Bible, a scripture, or a spiritual issue, this app can be a very good source of information.  Browse questions by topic or ask your own.  You can get biblical based answers on all sorts of topics.  There is a level of anonymity so people can get the answers to questions that they may be too embarrassed to ask a pastor or friend.  This app can be used for your own personal bible study, sermon preparation, or just clarification on a particular topic.  This app is offered in 165 languages.

This app is especially for women and speaks to them through the daily devotionals.  The app offers a link to the Bible app and also access the Bible reading plans.  I love the daily devotionals, they are encouraging and inspiring.  A special added feature is that each devotional ends with a prayer.  Specifically for women, these devotionals are a short read that can be an added boost of encouragement to your day.

Pray without ceasing…it’s not that you forget to pray but this app helps you integrate prayer into your daily routine.  Now you can keep track of your prayers like praying for specific things or people.  You can categorize your prayers, set up reminders, and check off answered prayers.  This is a free app but it also offers a paid version with additional features.


My final two apps are not specifically Christian apps but I find them so beneficial that I included them in this list.

Sometimes you just want to listen to encouraging and uplifting music and podcasts.  This app is perfect for building your own playlists of praise and worship music.  This can be your go to music app when you’re having your quite time with God or anytime you just want to be uplifted.  You can also find a large selection of podcasts in a variety of categories.  I have playlists and follow the Bible Recap podcast on Spotify as well.  This is a free app with ads, or if you like, you can upgrade to the paid version.  The free version has worked just fine for me.

Great for the multitask-er, this is an “I can’t do without it” app for me. This is where I dump ideas that come to me.  I may just jot down a sentence or two but it saves my thought so I can come back later to develop it further. You can use it with your bible study, write out to do lists, write down whatever notes you need to make.  This is where I write down my blog post ideas, research notes, and finally formulate my posts.  You can add reminders by audio, camera, handwriting and keypad.  You can easily organize your notes, and you know what else is great…your information syncs to all of your devices (I use it on my phone but mostly on my desktop).  There is a free and a paid version.  I’ve haven’t needed to upgrade.

Technology is always changing with new apps always becoming available.   You may not be techy but it’s not very hard to get used to using any of the apps I’ve listed.  Maybe you’re already using some of these, if so, that’s great.  But I hope that there’s at least one or two that you can try out and reap the benefits they have to offer.

Dawn Grice

Dawn Grice