The Next Step – Grow Deep & Live Tall

We’re glad that you have taken the first step by either visiting us online or attending one of our services.  The next, and most important step is accepting Christ as your personal Savior.  We are here to assist you as you start your journey.  We want to help you move forward in your relationship with God, and assist you in becoming a devoted follower and disciple of Christ.

Building Your Relationship


Get to know more about God and His thoughts and desires for you.  It is impossible to have a close relationship with someone you don’t spend time with or talk to.  The Bible is relevant to your every day life.  When studying it, you will find guidance, hope, advice, prayers, promises, blessings, and encouragement.


Membership is always available for those who want to become a part of the Church of God and Saints of Christ.  It is an important step in identifying with and embracing a church home.  Becoming a member means that after accepting Christ as your savior, water baptism (full immersion), and the acceptance of the Holy Spirit as your guide, you are now ready to embrace the doctrine, vision, and practices of the church.  Being a member means that you are part of a community…a family who is there to love you, support you, pray for you, and build you up.


We are most like Jesus when we serve.  We each have a God-given gift to be used in service to others.  Whether you are good with words, people, technology, children, outreach or any other skills, you can find a place to do something that you love.  There are numerous opportunities to serve and ways that you can make a difference.  If you are ready to serve, you can speak with the pastor in your local church.


As believers we should always seek to grow more in the Lord.  Building that relationship is what will keep us close to God and give us that strong desire to be more like him.  Reading and studying your Bible, attending worship services, prayer, surrounding yourself with those of like mind, seeking God’s guidance, and growing in faith are all ways to continue in growth.  Remember to witness and share the joy of the Lord with others, encouraging them to build a life with Christ as well.  This is our responsibility as believers.

The Journey

From Baptism

Baptism by immersion in water is an outward expression of an inward spiritual change.  When we decide to follow Christ, baptism is the next step.  It is our declaration of commitment to Jesus.  It shows that we are turning away from a sinful life, and looking toward Jesus who has made a change in us.

To Salvation

God has offered us the most beautiful gift, the gift of salvation.  It’s not something we can earn by our own goodness or efforts.  It is given to us from God through belief in His son, Jesus.  Accepting Jesus into your life is the best decision your will ever make.  Through a relationship with Jesus, you are offered hope, joy, grace, mercy, and the gift of eternal life.